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Quadriplegic Student Writing Device (2019)

top view.JPG
front view.JPG
write way prototype.JPG
close up glove.JPG

Project Overview

For a Health Solutions course project, we had two students registered with McMaster Student Accessibility Services volunteer to describe to us their everyday issues, and we were required to design a prototype that solves one of the problems.

My group created a glove specific to the limited amount of finger movement in the patient's hand, which holds the pencil. We also created a conveyer belt-type table that fits on the patient's lap and moves the paper back and forth with a remote with two buttons. The patient can then rest their arm on the wheelchair armrest and write while controlling the back and forth movement of the page.

This project was picked as one of the top projects in our year and we presented it in the final showcase.

Prototype Videos

Movement of Conveyor

Computing Set up

Physical Set-Up

Design Process

Design Sketches

concept skecth 7.jpeg

First Iteration Prototype

Design review prototype 1.JPG
concept sketch 4.JPG

Second Iteration Prototype

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