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Chicken Coops and Run (2020)

Project Overview
As a summer project, my sister and I adopted several chickens from the Guelph Humane Society including a chick that could not be placed in with the flock yet. I built a chicken coop for the chick, as well as a coop for the three chickens out of scrap wood and chicken wire. My sister and I also built a chicken run so they could explore during the day and sleep in the coop at night.


  • scrap wood on the property

  • chicken wire​

  • 1/2in wood screw

  • 3 in wood screws

Machines Used

  • miter saw

  • Sawzall

  • power drill

  • circular saw

Chicken Coop for the Chick

chicken coup for cheeps.jpeg

Video Tour

Chicken Run and Coop Made for 5 Other Chickens

chicken run.jpeg
chicken coup 2.jpeg
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